TOP Inspiring & Most Liked YouTube Channels for Designers

“Design is intelligence made visible”. This quote by Alina Wheeler is the perfect way to portray what the design concept is. Everyone can design in many ways but that doesn’t mean that we are each excellent at it. 

But there are a myriad of people out there who have an eye for design. If you’re one of those people, you should be sharing that with the world! YouTube is a popular place for designers of all kinds. Whether you want to be a fashion designer, an interior designer, or even a graphic designer. 

We have some great inspiration to share with you in all of these categories. You can learn something from each of them and then use it to create your own success. In the beginning, when you’re getting started, you can buy YouTube likes for your video content. If you choose a reliable vendor, they will be cheap,real and every like or follower will be active users. 

Top Designer Channels to Consider:

We love design. There is such ingenuity and creativity behind every single format and style. It’s the perfect way to bring your own artistic intelligence to light. And as we mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to let your creativity be seen. 

Here are some of the top channels out there, from multiple genres. 

  • Charli Marie, graphic design
  • Daniela Tabois, fashion designer
  • Rachspeed, fashion designer
  • Yes I’m a Designer, graphic design
  • House and Homes, interior design
  • Jami Ray Vintage, interior design

There are so many great entrepreneurs out there. You could be one of them. Let’s dig a bit deeper! 

Learn To Push Hard

Daniela Tabois is a fashion designer in New York City, USA. She has been known to say that anyone willing to push hard can be successful. You shall really need to discover your rhythm and then you always give it your absolute best effort. 

Pushing hard is not just creating content and then doing that same thing again and establishing it even when you aren’t getting hits or many YouTube likes. While that is a portion of the process, it is also necessary to push hard by discovering your resources and taking advantage of the ideals that are there to assist you along the pathway. 

Stand Out in the Crowd

One thing we can tell you for sure. You will find that there are tons of other designers out there. Whether you desire to focus on product design, graphics, interior decorating, or fashion, you simply aren’t alone. It’s amazing to take inspiration from others out there. 

But while you’re doing that, it is imperative that you find how you can stand out in the crowd. Jami Ray Vintage found that his way to stand out was to focus on recycling things for design. He is all about reusing anything you can and recycling or upcycling older items. His love of making old things new and great has built quite the following. 

As you think about the concept behind your own optimization, think about how you can stand out. What do you have to offer that makes you unique? Maybe it’s just your humor or your personality. Maybe you have exceptional talent in a specific area. Learn to thrive on these residuals. 

Learn New Things

Understanding the vital advantages of the field you are in is a key concept. You might be an expert but you also need to be willing to learn new things to receive many likes. Take Yes I’m a Designer as an example here. Not only have they built a unique array but they educate in a wholly different way than most designers. 

This graphic design channel focuses on education. You have potential to even be able to grasp a little something from them. But we digress. You don’t have to format in this manner but you should observe the importance of education. 

When people watch your design channel, they want to be able to get something from your details. Whether you’re walking through a detailed explanation of how you did something or you’re simply educating on a specific design approach or concept, this is valuable. 

On that same note, one shall be functioning to discover new things so that you can continue to grow and improve your own skills. This will assist you to continue to gain here as well. 

Be a Real Person

This seems like a strange strategy but when you take a look at the graphic design channel, Charli Marie, you can see what we’re trying to get at. Some people will hop on these channels and come across as robotic or monotone. This honestly won’t appeal to most. When someone hones in on your content, they require you to be real and they simply desire to see the real you at work.

Don’t try to be something or someone that you simply are not. Just login and show those fans who you truly are. Don’t focus so much on trying to force something because you saw another channel do it that way. While you can always look to others for inspiration, that is all it should be. Use your research for new ideas and maybe even to figure out how to build up. But don’t copy it. Just be authentic in every way. 

Find Collaboration

When you look at interior design YouTube channels like House and Homes, you find that they do a lot of collaboration. Their collaboration isn’t necessarily with other designers, although it sometimes can be. But instead it’s with specific brands or styles. 

You can also collaborate to get more likes. There are several different ways to partner in with others. Maybe you already know a great blogger who would want to highlight your channel. Maybe you have a brand that you really love and plan to turn your focus to. 

These are all ways to work with others. The more you can pair with someone else that is successful, the greater exposure you can get from doing so. We recommend starting to reach out to people right away for working together. Influencers are always looking for ways to collaborate. 

You might also establish that as you build and find exposure, you will seek out people who want to then partner with you. You know the struggles to success. Every little bit of exposure counts. 

Who is Watching? 

Finally, don’t forget you’re here thanks to your audience. The first step is to appeal to them and you must let them know they are important. One way that fashion designer Rachspeed does this is by turning her focus of her channel to more than just fashion. She respectively integrates lifestyle and creativity. She does this to appeal to a modicum of people but also to connect more personally. 

In the end, it often is all about your connections. It is vital to be able to correlate together with your audience and appeal to a prospective audience as well. As you strategize and plan, think about the type of viewers that you’re looking for. You can create your content and your concept on this ideal. 

As you go, track things. Use the analytical details to determine who you actually are appealing to. You might find that you actually connect better with a different demographic than you originally intended to. In this event, you can continue the things that are working or you can allow for adjustments to broaden your spectrum. 

The objective is to build the fan base and then to captivate them so they are loyal to you. 


Wrapping up, there are a ton of different variables that go into building a design YouTube channel. It really doesn’t matter what type of design industry you associate with, you can take advantage of the same concepts and ideas. That’s why we used several different design-related channels to guide you here. 

The concepts are really similar across the board. It’s simply a matter of studying how to use them for your own conceptual ideals. Now, get out there and start designing! 

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How to Get More Views on TikTok: 10 Tips & Tricks

TikTok has taken the world by storm – over a billion people use it today!

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, more and more marketers are looking for ways to get their videos to stand out from the competition and receive more views.

And why wouldn’t they?

TikTok exposes you to new audiences you might not have found on other platforms. It is one of the few places where you can almost guarantee getting in front of Gen Z.

But getting all those GenZ and millennial eyeballs to your content requires more than just riding on the latest trends and praying your videos to go viral.

While there is no surefire way of success, you can do a few things to improve your chances of being noticed.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best tips and tricks for getting more views on your TikTok videos. So if you’re ready to start gaining more exposure for your content, Let’s see how to get more views on TikTok.

What Exactly is a TikTok “View”?

Every social media platform defines a view differently. For example, on TikTok, it’s considered to be a view as soon as your video begins playing. And if the viewer watches it a second, third, or even multiple times, each of those sessions will be considered as views too.

As you can see, getting views is not the most challenging thing. However, if you’re hoping to get viewers to watch until the end of your videos, that’s a different ball game.

How Much Do You Get Per View on TikTok?

In 2020, TikTok launched its Creator Fund, which officially allows the app’s most popular and successful users to make money through their content. There is no specific payment plan or set fee; however, TikTok pays out $0.02 and $0.04 per 1,000 views.

View on TikTok

So obviously, the more views you get for a video, the more money you can make. However, in order to join the Creator Fund, there are a few requirements you need to meet:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You need a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  • You have to have had a minimum of 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.
  • You must live in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy.
  • Your account must meet the Guidelines and Terms of Service as set out by the TikTok Community.

If you don’t think this is achievable, don’t fear! There are several other ways you can make money on this app. For example, you could partner with a brand you resonate with and get paid to promote their products (and the opposite can be done if you’re a business looking to promote your goods), or you can simply use your TikTok account to advertise your products.

How Do You Get More TikTok Views?

No matter what reason you have for using TikTok, one thing remains true: the more views you get, the better engagement. Of course, some people have suggested that you should buy views, but this is usually never a good idea, regardless of which social media platform you’re considering doing it for.

Get More TikTok Views

Yes, the number of views you get will shoot up at first, but in the long run, individuals often find that their engagement rates drop and their number of followers doesn’t even increase. So instead, invest your time and use these tips – your view metrics will quickly start rising.

1. Use Hashtags

This is an extremely powerful tool as the TikTok algorithm uses hashtags to identify and categorize what you’re posting about so that it can recommend it to viewers who may be interested. You could also look at the current trending topics and join the conversation using those hashtags.

Use Hashtags

2. Hop on Those Sound Effect Trends

You won’t find trends only in the hashtag department on Tiktok. Many of the songs also go through phases where they’re wildly popular, like Supalonely by Benee or Say so by Doja Cat.

Here’s a step-by-step process to using trending sounds in your video:

Step 1: To begin, tap “+”

Step 2: Select “Sounds” at the top of your screen

Sound Effect Trends

You can also use TikTok’s Discover Page to look for Sounds. Simply type the song’s title into the search field and scroll to locate “Sounds.”

TikTok's Discover Page

The TikTok algorithm determines which songs are trending based on TikTok users’ behavior, video shares, and, of course, plays.

Step 1: Browse the sound library, then tap the sound and select it

Step 2: Record your video, and your chosen sound will play as you film

3. Do a Duet

No, we’re not suggesting you do a TikTok video with someone else. This feature allows you to share a split-screen with another video – it can be one of your own or another user.

You’ll be on the other half of the screen, and depending on the video you’re using, you can sing along, do a review, or even a funny dialogue. What’s great about this idea is that you can use content that you know has been popular, so getting more views should be easy.

Take a look at Vessi, a Canadian shoe company known for making waterproof sneakers and performing admirably on TikTok, thanks to the brand’s brilliant use of Duet to create viral videos and reach a larger audience.

The Duet giveaway was one of the company’s most successful efforts.

successful efforts

This is a simple but extremely powerful strategy – a Duet with your followers, in which you showcase your products while also giving them the chance to win free products.

It’s a win-win situation. You get to reach a wider audience and show off your incredible products, while your followers get to win free prizes.

4. Target the Right Audience

This is always an important thing to remember – targeting a certain sub-category of TikTok viewers allows you to create consistency and a tone of voice that resonates with your viewers.

Once you know this, you can find other accounts or communities and see what content they’re producing, their hashtags, and more. Then, use this as inspiration on your own TikTok account.

5. Word Your Caption Wisely

True, a TikTok caption only gives you 150 characters to play around with. It’s not much, but it is enough to capture your audience’s attention and get them to watch your video.

Your caption also serves as an excellent spot to get the conversation going with your audience in the comments section. The more you get your audience to engage with you, the better – especially for the TikTok algorithm.

6. Promote Your TikTok Videos on All Your Social Media Accounts

Whether you’re using TikTok for personal or business reasons, it’s unlikely that you’re only using one social media platform.

However, suppose TikTok is just an element of your marketing strategy. In that case, you should definitely promote your TikTok video on your other channels, as this may entice more of your followers to view your TikTok videos.

7. Get Viewers to Watch Your Whole Video

A view is a view whether someone watches the first two seconds of your video or the whole thing. However, getting viewers to watch your entire video is essential. The TikTok algorithm views this favorably and is more likely to show your videos in the For You Page recommendations.

So how to bring retention to your videos?

First, consider adding headings that explain your video and content that invite viewers to Duet, stitch, or comment. You may accomplish this in the video and your caption by putting a call to action.

Ask questions in your caption and encourage people to submit comments. Then, when they do comment, start a dialogue with them. Add value to the conversation instead of short, one-word comments to keep people coming back to your comment section.

Look how Walmart does it perfectly.

Watch Your Whole Video

8. Post at The Right Time

Once you’ve determined who your target audience is, you can begin to learn when is the best time to post on TikTok for them. TikTok is used in very different ways by working mothers, college-age fashionistas, influencers, and businesses.

Fortunately, TikTok provides analytics to help you determine when your videos receive the most engagement. Remember that TikTok is a global app, so your audience may not even be in the same country, let alone the same time zone, as you.

9. Prioritize Quality

While it’s true that the majority of TikTok videos are shot on people’s phones, that’s no reason to skimp on quality. You should still use proper framing, good lighting, and the best sound quality possible. All of these elements will keep users interested. Not to mention that TikTok prioritizes higher-quality videos on the For You Page.

10. Post Multiple Videos Per Day

It may seem counterintuitive to get more views on a single video, but the more videos you post, the more exposure you’re likely to get. For example, if you make a video about the gym and someone who is watching workout TikToks sees it, they may visit your page and watch your other videos.

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about your followers’ feeds being flooded. In addition, because TikTok curates everything it does, it won’t feel as overwhelming as it would if you posted multiple Instagram photos or Facebook videos per day.

If you feel the pressure of maintaining a constant posting schedule on TikTok, then use a TikTok scheduler. For instance, SocialPilot enables you to create and schedule posts for multiple TikTok from a single dashboard.

So, say goodbye to the repetitive task of manual posting and focus on improving the quality of your TikTok videos.

Wrapping UP!

After reading all of these tips, it’s clear that there are numerous ways to improve your videos that don’t rely solely on “tricking” the algorithm. TikTok is, without a doubt, one of the best platforms for creators. It emphasizes enjoyment and rewards users for being inventive. Overall, the more you can connect with an audience, the better your content will perform.

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Typographic Electronics Vinicius Araújo

As a graphic designer based in Rio de Janeiro, Vinicius Araújo enjoys experimenting with letters and it’s very obvious in his latest side project, titled 36 Days Electronics. Mixing graphic design, industrial design, and typography, he created an entire alphabet in which brand styles are applied to letters.

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Mirko Humbert

Mirko Humbert is the editor-in-chief and main author of Designer Daily and Typography Daily. He is also a graphic designer and the founder of WP Expert.

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Email Marketing Campaign Examples to Inspire Your Email Plan

Do you believe in relationship-building supremacy with your consumers?

If you just gave the nod, Email Marketing is the most effective marketing tool for you. Not only can you provide relevant information to your consumers but also catapult conversions for your business.

The best part about such a strategy is the personalized experience you will deliver right into your customers’ inboxes. Such individualized attention fosters your relationship with them, which eventually helps promote your content and products to the most loyal base.

On top of it, with 333.2 billion emails in circulation, you can gauge your newsletter’s power to build your connections and nurture them.

Being said that, creating prolific emails that engage, delight, and convert your audience isn’t a cinch. It takes a whole lot of research, creativity, and inspiration.

Therefore, we have created a list of best email marketing campaign examples to inspire your email marketing strategy.

Let’s find out!

Is Email Marketing Worth Your Time?

In current times when the entire world is taken by storm with Instagram Reels or live podcasts, email marketing does seem old-school. However, this oldie is here to stay and propel your growth.

But how?

An Email List

When people are already tired of receiving spam and unsolicited loan offers, you can’t expect to pitch your services to anyone. That’s why you need a curated list of the right people who’ll be interested in what you’re offering.

An Email Service Provider

Once you’re through with the list of your targeted consumers, you can schedule the emails. However, you will need to segment your email distribution, which the ESP will do for you. Essentially, the provider operates as a single platform to optimize and automate your efforts with an effective strategy.

A Defined Objective

Whether you’re focusing on brand awareness or customer engagement, you can get your email marketing strategy to come on board.

Now, if you still aren’t sure about the effectiveness of Email Marketing, let the statistics ease your worries!

  • The experts forecast the email users’ trajectory to grow by 3% every year, leading to 4.5 billion in 2024.
  • Every $1 spent on the emails will yield you a return of $38. Now, that’s an exciting ROI!
  • B2B Marketers rely on email marketing metrics as a measure of success for brand awareness and performance.
  • 37% of B2C marketers engage in email marketing on a daily basis.

What Does an Effective Email Marketing Plan Require?

To navigate the world of email marketing successfully, all you need is a plan.

Don’t fret if you still don’t have any. Here’s the outline that you can use to build an impressive email marketing strategy!

Tailor for Needs

Your email marketing depends on how you add value to consumers’ lives. Essentially, you must tailor your emails to cater to your customers’ requirements. The best way to do it is by creating a buyer’s persona to understand what they require.

To curate a specific buyer’s persona to ensure success for your product or services, you will require:

  • Their background
  • Basic information such as their age, average income, location, etc.
  • Their personal and professional goals
  • The daily challenges they face

Gauge Your Goals

To make a mark on your customers, you will need to define your goals. The most effective mode of doing so is by using historical optimization and industry comparisons. You will need precise data and metrics to analyze the average statistics for your industry.

  • For tracking the everyday performance of the emails sent in your marketing campaigns, focus on Clickthrough rates.
  • To estimate the extent to which your marketing goals are successful, you’ll require Conversion rates.
  • For checking the efficiency of your marketing process, including the technical aspect, bounce rates are essential to consider.
  • If generating new leads is the growth criteria in your marketing strategy, the email sharing rate is critical to track.

Note: Since the data varies from one sector to another, you cannot presume a single benchmark without observing the information available for your niche.

Shape Your List

To ensure that your target audience receives the message you want to deliver, it’s essential that you use opt-in forms to welcome your consumers. You can utilize multiple avenues to acquire the consent of your prospects. You can:

  • Provide a sign-up sheet
  • Conduct a seminar or an event
  • Optimize your webpage for opt-ins

Choose Your Type

Email marketing varies from one industry to another. That’s why you must analyze what works the best for you before starting with newsletters. For instance, Welcome emails work fantastic for all industries, while Cart Abandonment mails are perfect for the e-commerce sector.

Largely, you can select between digital newsletters, invitational mails, promotional emails, and retention correspondence. That’s to say; every email marketing type is an offshoot of these four varieties. So, you can pick any category and convert it into a marketing kind to favor your marketing strategy.

On top of this, you can even segment your audience to receive different emails according to their category.

Curate a Routine

Do you send out emails once a week?

You will have to plan ahead of time to inform your audience about your launches or events. Essentially, you must hit the sweet spot of contact so that it doesn’t appear like spamming and still drives your campaigns.

Measure the Outcomes

Deploy. Assess. Repeat.

As a marketer, the future of your campaigns depends on the yield that you’re able to garner in the present. That’s why it’s crucial for you to measure your KPIs and build on them.

What Can You Send to Your Consumers in an Email?

Having an excellent marketing strategy is like identifying the most profitable financial assets. It not only builds upon your existing holdings but also aids in navigating the economic market in the future. Also, it compounds over time to deliver profit!

Welcome Mails

Welcome Mails

The first impression is the last, especially with email marketing.

As soon as your consumer signs up on your webpage, you can send them a warm email. The message can talk about what your brand offers and how you cherish them.

Promotional Mails

Promotional Mails

So, you are starting a flash sale for your products this summer?

Let your audience know about the same through a well-formed email newsletter with a clear call to action. Technically, you can use CTAs to drive your consumers towards an action you want them to take, like visiting your webpage.

Promotional emails are the versatile instrument your email marketing machine needs. Email marketing virtual assistant can help you better on this as well.

Informational Insights

Informational Insights

Have you been receiving the query for the right way to use your anti-aging serum?

Besides engaging your consumers through social media stories, you can utilize newsletters to bring the solution to their inboxes.

An informational email can contain anything, whether an announcement or just a relevant tip that your customers will cherish.

Re-Engagement Emails

Re-Engagement Emails

Your customer scoured through your webpage but didn’t make the purchase.

Through a re-engagement mail, you can remind your customer about the purchase or simply reconnect with them.

Are There Any Leading Examples of Extraordinary Email Marketing Campaigns?

As a business, you must have pondered the best strategies to nurture your venture with your eyes set on long-term objectives. Amidst all of the tactics, leads, and plans, it’s a common thought to question the efficiency and utility of email marketing.

Here are a few email marketing campaign examples to help you chart out your strategy better.

1. Teaonic

Email Subject: Getting Low On Wellness?

Click to see the email campaign.

Highlights: The brand incorporated brilliant color psychology in their mail picture to draw the consumers’ attention.

The soft, warm-colored template adds to the welcoming aura of the brand. Moreover, the email was timed to reach the inboxes of the customers right when they might run out of the tonic. Unlike the other beverage-selling ventures, the marketing leveraged the average duration taken by the users to consume the entire product.

2. Poppy Barley

Email Subject: Hello, new friend!

Click to see the email campaign.

Highlights: The brand specializes in leather footwear and accessories quite similar to its high-end competitors. However, the business focuses on ethically curating personal luxury goods for consumers.

On the same note, the welcome email brings in the individualized factor with the subject line. On top of it, the venture makes a comparison in their mail by striking off flashy locations like New York. The strike-off, the personalized welcome, and the ethical operations set the brand apart from its competitors.

3. Who Gives a Crap

Email Subject: Why let a good thing go to waste?

Click to see the email campaign.

Highlights: As if branding around toilet humor wasn’t enough, the business goes a step ahead by committing to sustainability. In the promotional mail, the venture offers an insight into how a business can be functional and charitable.

Now, the social responsibility sets apart the brand as the charioteer of ‘good things’ and ‘good feelings’ but with accountability.

4. Bluehost

Email Subject: Bluehost’s new Website Builder makes building simple.

Click to see the email campaign.

Highlights: The well-established hosting service, Bluehost, forges a promotional email to inform its existing consumers about the latest service. The marvelous mail design loops in the users with the features they can get using the newest addition. What’s more, the brand carefully targets customers who are not well versed with technical know-how through simplistic aesthetics and information.

The coupling of visual appeal with targeted language gives the brand an edge over its competitors.

5. BuzzFeed

Email Subject: This Week in Cats!

Click to see the email campaign.

Highlights: The internet media company sends out email newsletters every Friday. The main highlight of the email stands to be the perfect amalgamation of the catchy subject line and entertaining content for its readers. Not only the campaign generates huge traffic through Dumb Cat advice call-to-action, but it also keeps the audience hooked and wanting more.

What are the Direct Benefits of Email Marketing in Your Business?

Emails have been the oldest friend of marketing for about 50 years now. It has been an effective strategy for a long time, only to be relevant even today.

They Drive Your Conversions!

From personalized coupons to special offers, you can make your consumers keep you in their thoughts whenever they think of shopping. Besides, a good reminder about abandoned carts ensures that your audience rethinks about the incomplete purchase.

They Augment Your Brand Awareness!

With direct reach, you can let the people know about what the brand is all about. On top of it, one-on-one communication ensures that you find a place in the list of preferred eCommerce businesses.

Additionally, through emails, you can actually see that your consumers are willing to engage with you personally.

They Fortify Customer Loyalty!

From lead generation to retention, emails are a powerful tool to strategize conversations with your consumers. Such personal attention ensures that your customers recognize the value you provide and the bond you build.

To Be Precise

Whether you want direct communication for feedback or to offer a sales pitch, emails are the most reliable tools in the marketing arsenal.

Not only is it cost-effective, but it also builds the venture with your business goals and insight. With that being said, the trick to designing and driving an effective email strategy lies in planning and testing.

Now, with all the information at your service, you can create a fantastic strategy that doesn’t depend on the size of your business.

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Cover Designs For “The Rift”

Presented by Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner, The Rift tells the story of a single mother and her son whose lives change forever after witnessing a WWII fighter pilot from 1941 crash land in present-day Kansas. They find themselves drawn into the work of Section 47, a secret government organization responsible for responding to Rifts that open in space and time.

Obviously, although interesting, this story is not what brings it to a blog dedicated to designers, but the spectacular covers are the real reason for publishing. The illustrated covers, each featuring pseudo-3D, spectacular type, and a graphically appealing layout divide, were designed by Nicholas Ely, a graphic designer from Australia.

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A Small Business’s Guide to Marketing on Google My Business

Just Google it!

That’s what you (and I) do when we’re looking for a restaurant, a car repair shop, or practically anything under the sun. It’s no wonder that 82% of people use search engines like Google to find local businesses.

If you own a local small or medium business, you understand that’s a considerable number of customers. Now, consider this: 70% of your potential customers look up your business online before making a purchase decision or visiting. For this reason, services like Google Places, Maps, and Google Business Profile have been very crucial for small businesses.

In June 2017, Google went a step further and launched GBP posts – a way for you to advertise your business listings for free.

How do GBP Posts Help Small Businesses Achieve Their Business Goals?

Customers love stories and details. They connect more with your business when they feel that they know enough and are delighted when they see the experiences of fellow customers in the form of reviews and pictures.

This helps build their trust in your authenticity which in turn contributes to a better brand image. And it increases the chances of drawing those prospects to your doorstep.

According to Google research data – “businesses which continuously keep updating photos on their listings tend to receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps. They also get 35% more clicks through to their websites.”

A GBP post can contain information about events, special offers, promotions, new products/services, etc. that you want to share with your customers. The post may contain, images, videos, URLs and calls-to-action. URLs can direct consumers to your website or product listings. In other words, GBP posts provide some more information to the people who search for your business or location on Google.

Now, let’s specifically take a look at how GBP posts can help people optimize your businesses’ online presence.

1. You can share the latest, important and exclusive information

Customers are usually inclined towards searching for specific information such as events, specialties, offers, discounts, and comparing different businesses on the basis of their products/services.

exclusive information

In the above example, we can see that Kama Bistro has posted on their GBP listing about a special offer. These updates bring in the crowds to your business when you keep your audience updated.

You can make your business stand out by sharing the latest photos, offers, and other relevant information through your posts using Google Business Profile tools.

2. You can influence the buying intent of customers

If people search for something online and stumble upon your business listing, the most important thing which will then influence their buying intent is whether or not your business seems relevant to them and inspires some action.

With the help of GBP posts, you can highlight your offers or specials and give genuine reasons to potential customers to visit your store. The more your posts emphasize the uniqueness of your products/services, the better are the chances of success.

Many businesses have used Google Business Profile to find and attract customers. Take Otis James for instance – he uses GBP to get his handcrafted items to people across the world.

3. You can help customers discover what’s new

Modern-day customers no longer wish to remain in darkness. They would prefer visiting your store only if they come to the conclusion that whatever your business is offering to them is something really unique and special. Using posts, you can share information about any updates you’ve made to your product/service or recently added products/services. This helps customers discover your business in greater details.

Your GBP posts can highlight:

  • Special offers
  • New and upcoming events
  • Product updates
  • Announcements

Posts can enable your customers to know more about your business and interact with your services easily.

When I searched for Joe Allen restaurant on Google Maps, I came across this interesting post which showed that the place was clearly all decked up to celebrate Pride month. This shows me that this is an all-inclusive place. This made me want to check the restaurant out and book a table.

customers discover

4. You can draw more visitors to your site

Modern-day marketplaces are changing rapidly. The number of options to explore has rapidly increased – for customers as well as businesses. Overwhelmed with the choices, customers now want to find out what really suits their interests. This is why the number of people who search for shopping lists on their phones has increased by over 150% in the past two years.

This has created a massive opportunity for small businesses to come in the limelight and draw more customers to them.

Perfectly created GBP posts answer the right questions for the overwhelmed customers as they start searching for options. And this is why: 80% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose sites/apps help them easily find answers to their questions.

draw more visitors

A visibly unique and informative post can draw the attention of a large number of customers towards your website and ultimately increase your brand awareness.

Want To Make Your Posts Special? Let’s Explore Some Unique Ways.

Your GBP post must be unique and showcase relevant information. You can make it better by adding quality pictures, videos, calls-to-action, and encouraging potential customers to try out your products or services.

Here are some tips to help you while creating GBP posts:

1. Select your post type

The best thing about GBP posts is that they can be used to fulfill a lot of purposes. You can share important announcements, promote your special deals, mention your memories with employees and customers and constantly keep building bonds. So, consider in advance as to how your post is going to target the specific business goals and align the details accordingly. You can choose from various post types like:

  • Event Posts
  • Product Posts
  • What’s New Posts
  • Offer Posts
  • Covid-19 Update Post

2. Make the words count

The size of a typical GBP post is limited to 300 words and out of those, only up to the first 100 words may be visible to your customers during the first impression. So, be really sure about what will be the highlight of your post. Only include necessary details and make it as brief as you can.

For instance, in this post by Junzi Kitchen, you cannot read the entire sentence. It’s a possibility that they want us to feel intrigued and hit ‘more’. However, it’s advisable to keep the headline short.

Keep the headline short

Include the important details in the starting paragraph of your post itself. You can also ensure the inclusion of the focus keywords and accomplish SEO goals simultaneously.

3. Use keywords in your business name

The name of your business will be the first thing which your customer will see. If your business has a name that contains keywords you want to target, the positive impact will surely reflect on your SERP rankings. Try to be accurate with your business title and avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing. Stick to one which perfectly introduces your brand, something like this:

business name

4. Be personal and showcase business values

“We make sure that your reunion with friends always stays special. Special discounts for groups.”

Posts like these become incredibly impactful when you show your customers that you really care about them and their loved ones. Customers usually are more inclined towards businesses which reflect values and understand their true needs. One such GBP post may look like:

You may also feature your employees and customer testimonials. This will allow your customers to connect more easily with your business and will have a longer-lasting impact on their memory.

You can also introduce special promotions when local events are taking place in your community. You can use the best social media management tools for small businesses to share these promotions.

5. Use pictures and videos wisely

To make your posts stand out, you need to use photos and videos efficiently and wisely. Use vibrant pictures which are well-lit and well-focussed. The minimum resolution of the photos should be 720px (width) X 540px (height).

Also, make sure that the pictures are well-centered and the important part doesn’t get cropped out. It would be better if you preview your post first and check for any cropping anomaly. Sticking to images with little or no text on them is much better as there are chances that the text part of your image may get cropped out on certain mobile devices.

New way to share content in search

Videos have always remained the favorites of the online community and they can transform your GBP posts as well. More than 60% of customers agree to the fact that online videos give more inspiration to their purchase decisions.

Holiday shopping think with google

Think of the ways in which your post can fulfill more wishes of your customers and accordingly make videos to reach out. The videos should be less than 100MB in size and also in a proper format. GBP accepts MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, MKV, MPG and MTS video file types.

6. Calls-to-action

Your post is a great opportunity for you to talk directly to your customers. You can be more creative and add CTAs to influence customers to use your services. While promoting events or offers for your business, including a call to action in your GBP post can really do wonders.

You can include instructions like “Buy Now”, “Book Online” or the recently added “Call Now” to boost ticket sales for events or activities. You can also:

  • Promote contests and giveaways through your posts
  • Share coupon codes and unique instructions and restrictions on offers
  • Abbreviate hours, days and months in order to utilize limited word count
  • Use key selling and popular products more extensively
Add call to action

And, you shouldn’t:

  • Use slang and inappropriate words
  • Offer deals with too many exclusions. A typical example is an offer which contains phrases like: “Not Applicable to this, Not Applicable to that, etc.”
  • Offer multiple deals in one post

How does SocialPilot boost your brand on Google Business Profile?

Being a business owner is not an easy feat. Managing your operations along with effective marketing to attract customers, the task list is endless. And digital marketing is a whole new ball game! Google has really doled out a great platform for small-scale business owners to showcase their brand to a wider audience.

Now, to use GBP to its fullest potential, many social media tools are available for your assistance. SocialPilot is one of the best and most cost-effective tool for this purpose.

Scheduling and Publishing

it is very important that you keep your GBP listing updated. For that, posting regularly is a must, and the best move for this would be to plan, create and schedule your GBP posts ahead of time with SocialPilot.

Creating posts with images, GIFs, videos and URLs is a cakewalk. Customize your post with CTAs to incite reactions from people.

GBP Scheduling and Publishing

You can repeat your previously published post and create posts in bulk. Schedule them in advance or publish them instantly; up to you.

What’s more?

You can create and publish from multiple GBP accounts from the same dashboard — an essential feature for agency marketers handling multiple GBP clients.

Social Media Calendar

Plan your GBP posting schedule beforehand with SocialPilot’s content calendar. When you have a complete picture of how your long-term content strategy is going to be, it becomes effortless to manage the moving pieces.

Social media calander

Through the monthly or weekly schedule overview, you can move any post around to any day and time slot of the month, edit right from the dashboard or repost the ones you want multiple times.

GBP Inbox

Google Business Profile already allows the audience to ask questions and post reviews of a business directly. Addressing these questions and reviews is very important for a business. This helps in effective engagement and familiarizing yourself with your audience.

To access all the responses from your listing, SocialPilot’s GBP Inbox can be of great help.

LinkedIn Inbox on SocialPilot

Here you can get a clear overview of what the audience thinks about your business through their reviews and questions. Answer their queries as soon as possible to give them a genuine image of your business.This makes for effective reputation management.

To access questions and reviews separately, you can apply filters to view only one type at a time. Your brand’s reputation is in your hand, and with SocialPilot’s GBP inbox, you can manage it very well.

GBP Analytics

While making all the efforts on posting and engagement, we must keep a keen eye on the results. Monitoring your GBP metrics is crucial to understanding the current content efforts and mapping out plans for your business.

GBP Analytics

SocialPilot’s GBP analytics provide you with robust data like search performance, customer actions, reviews, views, etc. And all these metrics will help you get better clarity on how the audience is receiving your business.

Know how the audience comes to your page and optimize your strategy to boost your traffic further.

Check out more on how the GBP tools in SocialPilot boost your brand and drive traffic effectively to your business’s doorstep.

google business profiles

To Summarize

More than ever, people have become reliant on online searches to decide whether they want to visit your store or not.

Based on trends like these, it has become beneficial for the small business to prioritize their marketing decisions in order to inspire the purchasing behavior of customers. Google Business Profile is, without a doubt, a market pioneer when it comes to empowering small businesses and enables them to connect with their customers directly.

Posts on GBP have enabled businesses to inspire customers to buy more, have helped narrow down the purchase options for customers and also enhanced the bonding between the brand and the customer. Your business features can no be made visible on platforms like Google Maps and Search with the help of posts and this has massively enabled the business owners to reach out to more and more people across devices and screens.

Overall, GBP posts are a remarkable way to align your business goals with the ongoing market and customer trends and are not less than a boon for current and upcoming small businesses.

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How To Design Custom Online Learning Programs

Nowadays, it’s more accessible to learn new skills or earn certification through online programs. Various platforms provide opportunities to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge or supplement their studies. However, it’s also undeniable that there are many available platforms online, making it challenging for new programs to gain many students.  

If you aim to design your own custom online learning program, you should consider a few things first. And to start, you need to create your learning platform strategically to ensure you provide a smooth learning experience to your students. Additionally, you should confirm all features work without any problem. 

If you need help designing a program, here are a few tips to help you out:  

1. Identify Your Students  

One of the essential considerations you should think about when designing a learning program is the students who’ll use it. If your online learning platform’s features and offerings don’t match their needs and level, it may be ineffective. And so, it’s vital to look into your student demographic before making a custom online learning program. 

It would be helpful to identify the age group of your expected learners, as it would influence the visual aspects of your platform. For instance, if you’re designing it to appeal to young learners, using big and easily readable fonts and bright colors may be suitable. It may help sustain their attention during their study period and make their learning experience more fun. On the other hand, if your students are mostly college students or young professionals, you can opt for a more straightforward graphics approach. 

Aside from the graphics of your program, your students’ varying needs may also impact the courses you’d include. It would be ideal to have lessons that match their requirements and are related to other learning activities they do. For example, if you wish to provide supplementary studies to elementary students, it would help incorporate some of their school topics into your program.  

Once you know your audience in-depth, you can design various aspects of your custom online platform. Furthermore, you can read tips on learning program design through websites and resources like Extension Engine

2. Add A Variety Of Learning Tools  

Using online platforms to learn instead of face-to-face classes, while convenient, may also have some limitations. And one of these is the ability to interact with other individuals and learn new things through various activities. However, this doesn’t mean that studying online isn’t an effective learning medium.  

So, when designing your online learning program, it may be an excellent idea to add various tools that can engage your students and aid their studying experience. For example, you can incorporate game features to allow them to review topics. Doing so could help stimulate their minds and also keep them engaged throughout their session. 

Additionally, you can add digital content like photos or video clips to explain more complex topics to your students. Overall, incorporating various learning features into your online program can help make it easier and more engaging for learners to navigate the platform and study.  

3. Use A Standard Format 

Once you start creating courses for your online learning program, it’s helpful to follow a standard format to implement. To achieve this, you can make a course outline for each topic so the flow would be easy to follow and understand.  

For instance, you can start with a topic introduction and learning objectives to let students know the content of a course. You can then include sub-topics to break down the main lesson. Doing so can help prevent learners from getting overwhelmed with the class.  

If your online learning platform includes tests, it’s also advisable to indicate when they’d be taken. This way, an individual studying a course would have enough time to prepare for an exam. 

Other content like photos, presentation materials, or document attachments should also follow a standard format to make it less confusing for students. Creating a standard format for these materials would also make your platform easier to navigate.  

4. Test The Program  

Before launching your custom online learning program, it’s advisable to do a test run first. You can conduct a test to check if all features are working correctly. You should also open available courses to see whether the learning materials are accessible and easy to use.  

Additionally, observe how your program works on various devices too. After all, users may access your program through different mediums. And with that in mind, your platform should be accessible and compatible with any device. If some aspects of the program seem slow or malfunctioning, you should prioritize fixing them. For example, you should address broken links or poor page loading time since these may affect an individual’s experience. 

You may also ask other people to test your program and ask if they can give feedback on its performance. Doing so can help you make improvements that would benefit your students.  

Final Thoughts  

Designing your custom online learning program shouldn’t be too difficult. With a few tips in mind, you can create an excellent learning program that is engaging, interactive, and caters to the needs of your students. 

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How to Optimize a Google Business Profile Listing

Marketing is a crucial component of every business. As trends change, more options become available for promoting your business.

Most notably, a social media presence has grown into a must-have for businesses due to its ability to reach potential customers. There are currently 4.48 billion users on some form of social media!

You have already created your marketing plan and included Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. You are further optimizing your site for SEO, and your Facebook ads are pulling in new visitors each week. But there’s one place you may have neglected.

Have you checked out Google Business Profile (GBP) yet?

If you haven’t heard of GBP, I bet you have seen it. As you enter a search on Google for “plumbers near me” or “dentists in Maryville,” a box appears on the right. There you see a picture, address, and buttons for a company that meets your search. That is GBP!

mohawk general store

Your listing is tied to Google Maps and provides a map to your business. It is included in local searches and can help with your ranking.

Is GBP the Right Fit for your Business?

Many businesses are not fully utilizing the power of this platform. Firstly, having a GBP listing is absolutely essential since potential customers will probably discover you on Google only. But before going ahead, you must make sure whether your business is eligible for a listing or not. For that, take a look at the type of companies the listing option is available to:

  • Physical business locations: Their customers visit these locations to use or buy your products.
  • Mobile businesses: They go to their customers but have an office that customers can visit. (ex: plumber, heating, and AC services).
  • Individual practitioners: They have a physical office and provide a service such as a realtor or a lawyer.
  • Service area businesses: These are like mobile businesses but offer onsite service and travel to customers.

This is a free amenity that assists with local searches, so there is no downside to doing so. It’s time to complete your listing and start getting discovered by the right people!

8 Steps to Optimize your GBP Listing

Google changes its algorithms regularly, but it is also updating and adding to Google Business Profile. For local businesses, adding and then optimizing your listing is yet another tool in your marketing arsenal.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your GBP listing and use this social platform to dominate local marketing.

Step 1: Fill Out Key- Information

This Google Business Profile is the reflection of your business. So just creating one is not enough. It should have all the necessary details available to make people take notice.

These key pieces of information include

  • A proper name for your business
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Website URL
  • Hours of operation

These are the first things your audience will see. If any of them are missing from the listing, it will raise doubts in their minds about the authenticity of your business. This will lead to them moving on to the next one in the list and not taking any action.

So, to get those leads and conversions, your basics should be meticulously covered.

maple house

Step 2: Get Your Listing Verified

Now that you have created your listing, you must get it verified by requesting your verification code. The most common way is for Google to send you a postcard in the mail, which includes a code.

Then, enter the code on your GBP account and edit any information.

Get Your Listing Verified

Phone verification is available for some businesses. These will receive a phone call from Google on their business number. If you are on Google’s Search Console already, then your location should be verified instantly.

That’s it. Sign into your account on GBP, select “website,” and then “publish.” Done.

Step 3: Add Keywords

Keeping your listing simple is the easiest but not the most effective way to handle this new platform. Use your SEO skills and think about the keywords people would use to find you. Add these to your title and in the description.

Add Keywords

Check the character count and guidelines for assistance.

Step 4: Specify Your Hours of Operation

How many times have you seen a business that doesn’t list its hours front and center? That is more than frustrating to potential clients; it can be deadly. With a single click, that customer will easily find the next business that does include their hours. Consider seasonal and holiday hours and update those as necessary.

Specify Your Hours of Operation

Step 5: Add Photos to Your Posts

Another important factor is providing a clear, appealing picture of your business. This needs to be JPG or PNG with a size between 10KB-5MB. The minimum resolution is 720 px by 720 px.

Step 6: Add Other Visuals

Don’t stop with a picture. Include your company’s logo, add additional photos of the inside, or even include a short video. The file size needs to be under 100 MB with a resolution of 720p or higher. Keep its length to under 30 seconds.

Add Other Visuals

Step 7: Choose the Right CTA

Check out the variety of buttons Google includes. You can add a shortcut to book an appointment or send a text message. Depending on your company, you may also have a “Service” button. Here, you can use those keywords again to describe what you provide. Include as many appropriate options to make it easier for someone to interact with your business.

Choose the Right CTA

Step 8: Add Q&A Section

Google also offers a Questions and Answers section. Readers can post their questions, allowing you to interact with them by responding.

Questions and Answers section

This is another opportunity for your company to stand out. In fact, 25% of locations have unanswered questions listed. Be the company that responds promptly.

Tips for Making Your Listing a Success

I have covered the basics for your Google Business Profile listing, and now let’s boost your online presence with a few more tips and tricks. While some may be time-consuming, consider the outcome.

1. Reviews

Similar to other sites, reviews can be posted on your listing. Start by approaching a few satisfied clients and requesting their feedback. You may be surprised at how many agree to do so – 68% of customers write a review when asked.

Then, develop a plan for getting more feedback whether by reaching out to several old customers or creating an email for first-time customers.

Getting the reviews posted is the first part. The next part is responding to these. Post a few lines to each review by thanking them. You can also address any concerns here. This visible interaction is beneficial to your online reputation.

97% of clients read local business reviews, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with your customers.

Leaving customers’ queries unanswered can cost your business dearly! Do you want to know an efficient way to manage questions and reviews of multiple GBP accounts?

Use SocialPilot’s Google Business Profile’s Inbox feature to access all the reviews and questions from your audience or any potential customers. Respond instantly to engage with your audience, as that’s the key to boosting your brand’s reputation.

SocialPilot’s Google Business Profile’s Inbox

Start Your 14-day Trial

2. Posts

Only 17.5% of companies had created a post on their listing within the last week, according to one study. In the social media realm, 7 days is an eternity. And GBP is not much different from a social media platform, but exclusively for businesses.

So just like with the other platforms, keep current with your postings. Schedule a day or time when you will add to your listing. You can post pictures, helpful tips, current promotions, or other useful information for your clients.

To keep this simple, try using a Google Business Profile scheduling tool such as SocialPilot. With this tool, you can create a bunch of posts and schedule them to be published on various dates. These can be posts about a special offer for Christmas or a summer sale in June.

Create the posts now, save them in your queue, and move on to other tasks. If your dates change, you can easily re-schedule them within your social media calendar.

Social media calander

If you find articles or pictures that your customers have shared on social, you can use them in your upcoming posts with SocialPilot’s browser extension. Just use the extension to create and schedule a post for that content.

Posting regularly lets your followers know what to expect, but that is not all. Social media accounts are a vital way to bring brand recognition and loyalty for your company. Also, they are an easy, and inexpensive, way to interact with clients. You will raise your SEO rank and increase traffic when you post useful content that your customers enjoy.

However, it can be time-consuming to work on this each day. When you delegate the tasks to a tool that schedules and posts for you, you free up valuable time.

Try different images, emojis, and types of posts, and then see what your ideal customers prefer.

3. Analytics

While using social media is a crucial part of marketing, you will lose out on the opportunity to maximize your potential if you neglect to analyze your data.

This doesn’t need to be complicated. Each social media has its own set of data, and GBP is no different. Social media metrics tools like SocialPilot track a variety of measurements to see how your listing performs.

Does your typical customer engage with your website or head straight to the map? Did they post reviews on competitors’ services? How did they first find you online?

Google my business analytics

These questions and their answers help you understand the customer’s journey. More importantly, they also highlight areas that need improvement. By checking out the data in SocialPilot’s Google Business Profile analytics reports, you can adjust your posts quickly.

Curious? Check out this sample Google Business Profile analytics report to see the kind of insights you gain.

Ben Fisher, an SEO expert, researched Google Business Profile and analyzed the results from 2,000 companies.

He summed up his findings by saying, “Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of the most powerful ways to improve a business’s local search engine optimization and online visibility. If you’re a local business, claiming your Google Business Profile is one of the first steps you should take to increase your company’s online presence.”


Google Business Profile, when used strategically, can bring you a lot of customers and clients. Adding your information is simple, and then you request verification. Once you receive that code, you can publish your listing.

By adding posts, photos, and keywords to your Google Business Profile listing, your company can rise in rankings and win at local marketing. Using a scheduling tool, like SocialPilot, makes the process even easier.

With a few simple steps, you can optimize your GBP listing and spend more time interacting with your customers.

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What is Sketching and Why a Designer Needs It

Sketching is a quick drawing technique. Classic sense, sketching is a preparatory stage before the creation of artistic work. Such sketches help artists think through the composition, outline the main lines and assemble the elements of the future work.

Fast does not mean poor quality. Sketches are drawn at once, in one approach, and without any preliminary work. They do not make corrections, and the lines are printed with confident movements.

Now sketching more often means a way to visually express the idea and quickly convey the image. Such a drawing shows the main features and basic details of an object or concept. And it also works as a tool to help explore a topic and develop ideas: sketching is an opportunity to better understand a subject, find a solution to a problem, or document a finding.

Sketching is not only a tool used in drawing or other forms of design, it can also be used in writing literary works. A student from the Faculty of Design and Architecture said the following about sketching: “Sketching is a universal tool that I use when I create my sketches of graphic art. But I first encountered the sketching tool when I was in school. When I had to write my essay for me, I had a problem writing this kind of work. Then I decided to use the element of sketching, and I sketched different ideas that came to my mind. And after a while, I would come back and structure these outlines. So I think sketching is a universal tool, both for design and for other creative fields.

What Kind of Drawing is a Sketch?

Sketches are drawings that express ideas and concepts through visual images, and their applied function is more important than their decorative one. Their peculiarity is that they do not necessarily refer to artistic practice: in sketching, you do not need to copy the shape of objects exactly, correctly transfer light and shade, or build a perfect composition. What is more important is that a quick drawing performs a certain task: it shows the concept of a product, conveys the mood of a scene, or helps you understand a technique.

Sketches should be distinguished from “unconscious” doodles and “illogical” intuitive drawing. The main thing in sketching is a rational approach and focus on the subject.

How Detailed Should a Sketch Be?

As a rule, sketches show the main contours of objects and do not work out the fine details. Such drawings are not realistic or academic, although this technique allows greater freedom in style and manner of drawing. At the same time, it is possible to accentuate any elements and draw them in detail.

While sketches are used as search and research tools, explanations or questions are often added to drawings. They give the image a context or replace any details.

Why Sketching?

Sketching is a professional tool used in engineering and design development. It helps:

  • Capture emerging ideas;
  • visualize the user’s path;
  • find new, unexpected answers;
  • detect flaws in a concept at an early stage;
  • agree on solutions with the customer more quickly;
  • illustrate processes so that they become clearer to both the client and the designer.

Sketching is needed to solve complex problems in UX/UI and design – where it is important to scrutinize and solve the user’s problem. For example:

  • Product designers use sketching to start designing digital interfaces before diving into developing wireframes and prototypes;
  •  Graphic designers draw sketches, “think through” the client’s wishes, and look for workable visual solutions.

Other fields and professions also use quick drawings:

1. Interior designers

Use sketches to choose color schemes and furniture for a room;

2. Architects

Architects show their client’s future buildings and constructions in clear drawings, not in the form of complicated blueprints;

3. Screenwriters

Draw sketches on a whiteboard to visualize the relationship between the characters;

4) Engineers

Make sketches of future devices before working out the technical details;

5) Modelers

Use sketching at the beginning of collection development to show the main elements and style of the garment;

6. Managers

During presentations and meetings, sketch processes to be explained to the audience;

7. Illustrators

Can use sketches as final works if these are the drawings that complement the text or tell the story.

Sketching also helps develop creativity. This can be done by sketching situations from memory or by replacing travel photos with quick drawings, for example.

Besides, the habit of making visual notes helps to avoid a creative crisis: when you feel a lack of fresh ideas and stupor, turn to your old sketchbooks and be sure to find inspiration in them.

What Can I Draw Sketches With?

Any means are suitable for sketching: colored or graphite pencils, ink, pens, watercolors. Often special markers are used – alcohol, acrylic, watercolor, and chalk – or several different materials are mixed in one drawing. In sketches, the fast transfer of an image is more important than aesthetics, so choose tools that help you draw clearly and confidently.

You can sketch on any surface – the main thing is that they are comfortable and help to solve a specific problem. For example, when an architect needs to show clients a sketch of an apartment complex, it is better to use a piece of wattman. For travel-sketches suit, a notebook, and visual research for corporate identity is better done in an A4 or A3 sketchbook.

In addition, any sketches can be done digitally – for this. You need a graphic tablet and stylus.

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