12 Ways to Use Facebook Events Manager for Your Brand

Have you ever created a Facebook event?

Facebook reports that over 500 million people worldwide leverage Facebook Events for promotions. Over 35 million individuals visit at least one event on Facebook each day. This depicts the power of Facebook events in the present era.

Facebook itself strongly encourages businesses to use it to leverage the massive audience on its platform with its power-packed features.

Be it to eliminate the unsettling silence after a new product or the initial stages of developing your own business; you can always put the word on the streets with the Facebook events manager.

However, there is uncertainty about the tool and how it can be used to its full potential. It is frequently a barrier for organizations looking to use it for their events.

In this article, we will get you acquainted with Facebook events and how you can use them to your extreme benefit.

What is Facebook Events Manager?

Facebook Events is a valuable tool for marketers to create a dedicated landing page for an event. It is one of the earliest features of Facebook that people still use.

As the name suggests, it lists various types of physical and online events happening around the user’s location. The user may view the details about the event and register or join it from Facebook.

facebook events manager overviewfacebook events manager overview

Events have remained relevant since its introduction because of the extensive benefits it offers for your business. Catch a glance at some of them below.

  • You can enhance the brand engagement of your brand with your target audience virtually or in person.
  • You can improve your brand’s event visibility and traction.
  • Get a solid headcount and show up at your event.

With these points, you must have got an idea of how Facebook events can upscale your brand’s performance. Now that we are done with a basic introduction let us get acquainted with some best practices of Facebook events for optimal use.

How to Use Facebook Events Manager to Its Maximum Potential?

Here are some of the best strategies for utilizing Facebook events that will astonish you with great results. Read on.

1. Start with a Unique Name for Your Event

Your Facebook event name is the first thing that will stop the user from scrolling. It holds power to make or break the interest of your audience. Plus, if you ace it, it induces word-of-mouth marketing. Here are two tips to help you choose a unique name for your Facebook event.

  • You need to be creative in choosing the name of your event. Make sure it manages to grab the user’s attention instantly.
  • The title of your event should narrate what the event is all about.

Look at the below event name, for example:

Make creative logo for facebook eventsMake creative logo for facebook events

Hoots and Hoops; see how creative the event’s name and logo are. The event name itself gives the feel of the kind of activities planned. You, too, can play with words and design to achieve a creative name and logo for the event.

Note: The Facebook event title limit is 64 characters, so you must approach it with brevity.

2. Describe Your Event Thoroughly

Your description is the next important thing after your event title that will entice the guests to attend the event. It should include all the information clearly:

  • The schedule
  • Venue
  • Pricing
  • Special guests
  • Participant age
  • Special requirements

Ensure you write a compelling description that clarifies every step, from the first registration process to the confirmation message and calendar invites. Do include an FAQ section in case you feel you have complex event logistics.

facebook events decription example facebook events decription example

See the above example. The event details include everything a potential attendant should know: when and where it will be held, what are the special requirements, whether there is any minimum age for the attendant, etc.

3. Add a Fascinating Event Photo

Photos captivate readers’ attention more than text. Therefore, your photos must be relevant and attention-grabbing.

For example, include your logo, theme, brand colors, and your mission of the company in an event photo that highlights your event purpose.

You can upload images that lure the audience to join the event. Take a look at how fitting the below image is for a Yoga event.

high quality facebook event photoshigh quality facebook event photos

Here are some best practices to further enhance the potential of your event photos.

  • Ensure that your event photo looks great when resized because it will display on multiple devices (mobile, tablets, and desktops) with different sizes and orientations.
  • The standard image size should be 1200 x 628 pixels, and its expected ratio should be 1.91: 1.
  • We recommend you utilize tools like Canva to crop, resize and adjust images as required for all major social media platforms.

4. Create a Buzz with Frequent Updates.

Your Facebook event wall is a great space to hike up the buzz among the interested audience. Post regular updates on your event wall and let your participants know what’s in store for them.

Clermont County Park keeps giving essential updates about their upcoming events through regular posts to create buzz and maintain it among the followers.

facebook event buzzfacebook event buzz

We recommend you post details like how they can reach the event if it is in person and the weather forecast for the day of the event. Additional information on what things they can carry to the event can also help them prepare in advance.

5. for Greater Visibility, Pin Your Event Post

We recommend you pin your event post to the top of the page so that when any person lands on your page, it is the first thing they will notice and engage with.

It will act as the start of the funnel, ultimately pushing them to subscribe to your event and increasing your count of participants.

facebook event post examplesfacebook event post examples

6. Boost Your Event Post.

Once you publish your event on Facebook, it’s time to spread the news. You can choose to boost its visibility by turning your post into an ad with your page’s events tab or through a button on the post. Facebook has published a detailed guide on boosting your event, which you may find on this page.

Tip In case you feel stuck and struggle to promote your Facebook event, you can have a look at different effective tips for event promotion through social media.

7. Leverage Facebook’s Recognized Locations

Did you know that you can add an official listing of your event venue on your Facebook event page? If not, read on and clear your second thoughts. Here’s how you can choose an existing location on Facebook.

facebook event locationfacebook event location

So, as you enter the venue in the Facebook events’ address field, Facebook allows you to pin a specific location with nearby suggestions.

As a result, a page with all the details about your venue location will appear when any participant hovers over the location’s name. Using an official listing for your event venue will increase your event’s authenticity and awareness.

Tip: You can even request the venue administration to check if there is a possibility that they can join hands with you to promote your event.

8. Share Your Event Across All Social Media Channels

Reach your audience on all the social media platforms they are active on, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others.


You can try the following ways to spread the word among your social media audience:

  • Record and upload a promo video for your event on all your social media network.
  • Cut down small clips from the video, edit them, and post them as a reel or story on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Make a Tiktok video about your event.
  • Create a Pinterest board for your event, and post images and videos on that board.

Posting about your event on multiple social media, aka Crossposting, will help you spread the word about your event everywhere and will get you more attendants for your event!

You can promote your event as Springs Preserve has done. They have used proper caption along with a perfect CTA to attract their Twitter audience to their event.

Share fb event on other social media platformsShare fb event on other social media platforms

Cross-posting is an arduous task. But cross-posting for multiple clients is a different level of a row to hoe. Don’t worry; there’s a solution.

Enters SocialPilot. It enables you to create and schedule posts for multiple platforms simultaneously from a single dashboard. Publish posts for 8+ major social media platforms without switching your window. How does that sound?

schedule posts for multiple platformsschedule posts for multiple platforms

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9. Post an Attractive Offer for the Participants!

Offers on your Facebook event page can exponentially enhance the audience’s interest. It can be a big discount, a coupon, or anything that promotes your brand in the long run.

This pub crawling event clearly highlights different prizes attendees can get upon winning. If your discount, coupon, or prize is as big as this, flexing it in the title and description is given.

facebook event offer examplefacebook event offer example

The offer should align well with your company’s goals and should offer something exciting to the end user. Users today have become smart and understand if an offer is a marketing tactic or an actual gift from the brand.

10. Maintain Consistency with Your Event Promotion.

It is obvious to get overwhelmed amidst all the event preparations.

So, to upscale your promotion of the event, plan and build a fully-fledged calendar to promote your Facebook event. It allows you to organize and schedule recurring events like charts, seminars, or event highlights taking place in other franchise locations.

So, when we say that you need ample time to promote your event, we mean that you plan in advance and attract engagement with it.

11. Create FOMO Among the Audience

Create a sense of urgency or FOMO. It always gets people extremely excited about your event. It will persuade them to take action on your invitation much faster.

Here are some tips with which you can bestow a missed-out vibe on your Facebook event page for your audience.

Creating FOMO with facebook eventsCreating FOMO with facebook events
  • Make an early bird special offer available.
  • Limit the number of tickets for the event.
  • Opening a small window on the calendar for selling tickets.

12. Monitor Your Event Page Constantly

Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to sit back and monitor your Facebook event page for engagement and questions that the audience is asking.

By answering them, you show that you are available to clear their queries. It will improve the engagement on your event page, and discussions may line up in the comments. You can then take the lead and clear all the confusion in the mind of the participants ahead of time for your event.

Spill the Beans with Facebook Events!

With all that said above, you would have understood the potential and exceptional reach of Facebook events. It works just like word of mouth, where interest sparks more interest and spreads the word of your events like wildfire throughout your followers and their social groups.

So go ahead and share your event to reach your potential attendees continuously. It’s time to create a roaring announcement for your possible audience on Facebook.

In case you are looking to effectively manage your event promotion on different social channels, use SocialPilot. It takes off the hustle and burden from your mind and streamlines the process of scheduling and publishing your social media posts on multiple platforms.

Go ahead and try it for yourself for free to experience the incredible power of social media marketing.

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