Top Tips to Optimize your Logo Design

The colors pink and green might make your startup business fall apart! Nowadays, each and every business needs a long list of factors to achieve its vision and mission and be successful; one factor that sits at the top of that list is the business logo.

Since it’s the logo that leaves the audience with the first impression and it’s the number one thing that comes to their mind when they hear about the brand, you don’t want to mess that up, so if you’re a graphic designer or a logo maker apps developer get yourself some popcorn as we share with you the ultimate tips to ace optimizing a logo design.

Keep it as simple as possible

If we look deep into how any successful business functions, we’ll get lost in the details since there’ll be a lot going on at the same time, and that’s exactly what we must avoid in our logo, adding a lot of characters, colors or delivering more than a message in a single logo doesn’t make that logo unique or great, actually that leaves the audience confused.

We shall keep in mind that logos speak to people from different backgrounds and ages, so simplifying the logo is necessary. That is seen in many international companies such as Twitter, Amazon, and Coca-Cola, so keep it as simple as possible.

Promote the brand

The main purpose a logo serves is promoting a business; a logo that delivers no message is a logo we’re better off without, the message should be clear and straight, so if a truck driver passes by it in a blink of an eye, he’ll know what that business is all about. Also, you can add a small QR code to give your clients more detailed information about the company. 

Take F.C Barcelona’s logo as an example; the ball in the logo indicates that it’s a football club and the yellow and red stripes tell us that it’s Spanish. Make sure the main aim of the logo is to promote the brand, and all the elements in the logo, like the typeface, characters, and color, are focused on that.

Master colors

McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut; what do these three brands have in common despite being fast-food brands? It’s the red color seen in these brands’ logos.

It’s been proven that colors psychologically impact humans, evoking certain emotions. Red makes us feel hungry, whereas blue expresses trust, and that’s why brands that cannot succeed without gaining their audience’s trust tend to use the color blue, like Facebook, IBM, and UNICEF.

Colors are a two-edged weapon; using more than 2-3 of them, especially a combination that is unpleasant to the eye, such as pink and green or purple and yellow, could drive people away from the brand. So, it’s very important to master using colors.

Make it symmetric

Symmetry shown in a logo tells that a brand is well organized and cares about small details, in addition to being professional and balanced, so it’s a trustworthy business. A great example of that is Chanel, Toyota, and Target. It’s known that high-profile companies mainly use a symmetrical one-colored logo for their brands.

Check for the scalability

A logo is one of the most common ways of marketing a brand, and it’s a unique way to put a business on the map; therefore, it is expected that logos will be seen and used everywhere, on billboards, Ads, menus, and others.

In some cases, the logo faces many challenges, such as being printed using only black ink or being placed on a matching background, so you should get ahead of yourself and try placing a logo on different colored backgrounds using different sizes and seeing what you can do to save your hard work from going to waste.


Designing a logo is more like preparing a main course in a fancy restaurant; you don’t want to add a lot of seasonings or ingredients, ruin the dish, or make it flavorless. Use QR code generator tools to help people find your business easily. And now that you have the secret recipe to optimizing a logo, you can start working on your own.

Remember that your company’s logo will represent who you are and what your business does, implement all the tips and pieces and advice mentioned above in this article, and get some reviews from your friends, family, and colleagues about it to ensure it stands for what you have in mind.

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