The Ultimate Collection of 200+ Best Free Content Marketing Templates

Whether it’s writing a blog post, designing an infographic, or creating an ebook, starting a new piece of content from scratch can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. 

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Luckily, content marketing templates can make things easier. These templates can help with design and inspire you as you develop various processes to reach potential and existing customers.

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Instead of trying to master how to create every type of content in existence, cut down on stress and inefficiency. Get inspired by our collection of free, customizable content creation templates. Below is a list of each type of content marketing template represented.

Content Marketing Plan Templates

Content marketing involves delivering valuable information to your target audience. Templates make creating consistent content easier and provide a visually appealing package for the relevant information you’re providing to customers.

Below, you’ll find several helpful templates to jumpstart your content marketing strategy.

1. Content Marketing Planning Template

Content Marketing Planning Templates

Download the content mapping template here.

You’re aware that you need a content marketing strategy in place to support the success of your inbound marketing and sales organizations. But how do you get started? We’ve created a content mapping template so you can create targeted content for each stage of your target audience’s buyer’s journey.

This template helps you identify buyer personas, outline their challenges and needs, and brainstorm content that provides solutions. You’ll have plenty of targeted blog post ideas to attract your audience to your site and convert them into leads.

2. Buyer Persona Template

a buyer persona template for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the buyer persona content template here.

Marketing to specific buyer personas results in more effective marketing decisions. This buyer persona template will help you easily organize your research to create your very own buyer personas. Use it to create beautiful, well-formatted buyer personas you can share with your entire company while learning best practices for personal research along the way.

3. Blog Editorial Calendar Templates

content marketing templates: editorial calendar

Download the blog editorial calendar templates here.

Having an editorial calendar for your marketing content will save you a whole lot of time — not to mention sanity — as you plan your content release timeline. We realize there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so we’ve created three editorial calendar templates to use at your leisure: one for Google Calendar, one for Excel, and one for Google Sheets. (Read this blog post for a step-by-step guide for using the Google Calendar template.)

Website Content Templates

Selecting the right template sets the foundation for intriguing designs and functionality. This enticing duo can lead to more newsletter subscribers and first-time visitors purchasing from your website.

4. On-Page SEO Template

content marketing template: on page seo

Download the on-page SEO template here.

The more content you publish to your website, the more traffic sources you’ll want to prioritize. One of those sources is organic traffic. To make on-page SEO easier, we’ve rolled out a handy website content planning template to help you create a website structure. It organizes each webpage and its purpose, and helps you outline how long it should be and how to optimize the metadata associated with each new page you publish. These on-page SEO templates will make your site more appealing to Google and help you rank better.

5. Website Optimization Checklist Template

content marketing templates: web checklist

Download the website optimization checklist here.

A properly optimized website results in better search engine rankings and an improved user experience. This checklist focuses on website optimization, SEO, site performance, mobile optimization, and security. This, paired with a website content writing template, makes sites more likely to reach (and keep) ideal customers.

6. Search Insights Report Template

content marketing templates: search insights report

Download the search insights report template here.

Keyword research helps you determine how meaningful your content is to your audience. With this search insight report template, you can track how effective your SEO strategy is over time and measure the effectiveness of your writing.

Content Writing Templates

Here’s the thing with blogging: There isn’t one, easy template you can fill in to produce a quality content offering. You need to spend some time researching, brainstorming a title, outlining core content, and so on. Use the following templates to help you along the way.

7. Blog Post Templates

6 blog post templates for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the blog post templates here.

Our content writing templates will walk you through the critical steps for creating the following six blog post types:

  • How-To Post
  • List-Based Post
  • Pillar Post
  • Infographic Post
  • Newsjacking Post
  • “What is?” Post

We’ve seen these formats crush it on our blogs, and we know you can use them to hit your own goals.

8. Ebook Templates

ebook templates for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the ebook templates here.

Year after year, marketers cite lead generation as one of their top content marketing goals for the year. To succeed at lead gen, you need content offers — like ebooks — to help you get there. Our internal creative design team went to work building a kit of beautiful ebook templates — for use in either InDesign, PowerPoint, or Google Slides — for you to download, customize, and publish.

9. Free Memo Templates

4 free memo templates for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the memo templates here.

Memos are essential content for effective internal communication. While they might not be customer-facing, they can ensure better, more aligned content is created by everybody on your team.

10. Call-to-Action Templates

content marketing templates: cta

Download the call-to-action templates here.

To help you design clickable calls-to-action (CTAs), we’ve built 28 pre-designed CTAs for you. These CTAs are super easy to customize, so you don’t need to know any fancy design programs — just PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Bonus: There’s also a handy free tool in there that lets you track your CTA clicks in real-time so you can see the exact number of clicks that your designs are reeling in.

11. A Press Release Template

A press release template for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the press release template here.

Press releases can be effective when used correctly. Our press release template considers this and provides an inbound-optimized version. This means the template can help you script press releases and do so in a format optimized for sharing on your company blog. You can easily adapt and customize as needed for your PR needs.

Design Content Templates

Searching for design ideas can be as easy as making a note of what’s eye-catching while scrolling online. Many creators upload their themes, swatches, mood boards, and more to display their creativity, helping inspire various designs. The flexibility of templates, such as Pinterest templates for business, can also attract consumers toward your brand by posting content as informative as it is visual.

12. Pinterest Templates for Business

content marketing templates: pinterest templates

Download the Pinterest templates here.

With millions of monthly active users, Pinterest continues to bring businesses tremendous value. Whether you’re bringing leads to your website, sharing infographic content, or promoting a blog post, Pinterest is a great platform to leverage for content marketing. Download these 12 Pinterest business templates you can tailor to your product or service offering.

13. 150+ Content Creation Templates

150 plus content creation templates from HubSpot

Download the content creation templates here.

Not a designer? Not a problem. We created over 150 visual marketing templates that are easy to use, work for any industry (finance, dentistry, agriculture, law — we’ve got ’em all), and are completely free. Some of the templates in this list are already included in this bundle. The templates include:

  • Infographics templates
  • Facebook ad templates
  • Facebook post templates
  • Twitter post templates
  • Email header templates
  • Blog title templates
  • Facebook cover photo templates
  • Twitter header templates
  • LinkedIn cover photos templates

14. Infographic Templates

15 Infographic Templates for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the infographic templates here.

Skip the frustrations and start creating the graphics right away. We’ve created several pre-designed infographic templates that you can customize in PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator. Within each template, you’ll get guides to teach you how to use the templates effectively.

Social Media Content Templates

Every day, your potential customers actively and passively consume so much content. Exploring ways to quickly capture their attention can be fun and profitable. It’s all about packaging content in a way that feels innovative yet purposeful in its delivery. Check out the following social media templates to help you do just that.

15. 50 Social Media Graphics Templates

50 social media graphics templates for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the social media graphics templates here.

People remember visual information more than written or audio. But we know well enough that creating visual content takes more time and resources — which is why we’ve created these 50 customizable templates for you. These templates are in Google Slides, so they’re very easy to edit — no Photoshop skills required. Simply customize the text on an image, save it, and post it to social media. These social media templates will help you give variety to your content.

16. 11 Facebook Cover Photo Templates for Businesses 11 Facebook cover templates for Business for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the Facebook cover photo templates here.

With how frequently businesses change and improve their Facebook pages today, you must have new material in the pipeline. Double down on your Facebook designs with these 11 templates dedicated to your Facebook cover photo. Get these designs by clicking on the link or image above.

17. Social Media Content Calendar Template

content marketing template: social media content calendar

Download the social media content calendar templates here.

With so many different social networks to manage, a social media manager’s life becomes a lot easier when they can plan which content to share on each account — and when. This easy-to-use social media content calendar for Microsoft Excel lets you organize your social media activities far in advance. Use it to plan your updates and learn how to properly format your content for the four most popular social networks used for business: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Email Content Templates

Communication with potential and current customers is how relationships remain valuable. Creating “one-size-fits-all” messages come across as inauthentic and lead to people unsubscribing to newsletters or not reading the emails from your company. Download the templates below to ensure you’re delivering timely, actionable messages to your subscriber base.

18. 15 Email Templates for Marketing and Sales

15 Email Templates for Marketing and Sales from HubSpot

Download the email templates for marketing and sales here.

If you’re like most marketers, you probably spend way more time than you’d like to admit reading and responding to emails. There are many ways you can streamline your inbox to save time, but you ultimately will still have to create and send emails. That’s where these content templates come in. We’ve written the copy for 15 email templates that marketers and sales representatives are likely to send repeatedly to save you time and get you results.

19. Email Marketing Planning Template

Email Marketing Planning Template for Content Marketing from HubSpot

Download the email marketing planning template here.

Set goals for your email marketing planning with this free template. Available via Excel and Google Sheets, this template can help your marketing team plan an effective email marketing campaign with only half the work.

Video Content Templates

Creating videos that tell compelling stories can offer fresh perspectives about products or services. Setting up the lights and camera demonstrates why consumers should purchase from your company and can reach people all across the world in a matter of seconds.

20. 18 YouTube Templates for Business

content marketing templates: youtube templates for businessDownload the YouTube templates for Business here.

Depending on your role as a content creator, you may also be responsible for video content. A striking thumbnail and banner are a couple of the factors viewers rely on to determine what videos to watch. However, you don’t need to spend hours creating the perfect channel art for each video. These YouTube video content templates make this task simple so you can focus on more important things, like filming, editing, and promoting your videos.

Content Marketing Made Simple

Content marketers are expert storytellers, but designing visual guides and tinkering with Excel spreadsheets may not be your favorite part of the job. With hundreds of templates included in this blog post, you can spend more of your precious time doing the work you love.

So, there you have it, content marketers: hundreds of templates to help you start creating content easily and quickly and further your inbound success.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in December 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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