What’s Next with SYSPRO Episode 3 – Franz Schoeman discusses ERP’s role in manufacturing and distribution

Franz Schoeman joins Aki Anastasiou on the What’s Next online talk show for the third episode of SYSYPRO’s ERP series.

Schoeman is a Sales Solution Architect at SYSPRO Africa, a position he has held since 2016.

He has worked within the SYSPRO ecosystem for over 25 years, focusing on manufacturing, distribution, and innovation.

At SYSPRO Africa, Schoeman helps customers find solutions that meet their needs, and has a deep passion for applying technology to solve real world business problems.

In this interview, Schoeman explains how ERP systems can improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, such as how they can help businesses to overcome supply chain disruption issues and maintain smooth operations.

He also discusses how organisations can determine whether the ERP system they have implemented is appropriate for their needs.

Schoeman then highlights the biggest mistakes that organisations make when implementing an ERP, and explains how SYSPRO helps its clients to avoid these problems.

Finally, Schoeman talks about how SYSPRO leverages AI to calculate and alleviate the impact of unexpected issues such as supply chain disruptions.

The full interview with Franz Schoeman is embedded below. For more information about ERP systems, watch the previous two episodes SYSPRO ERP episodes here.

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