Western Digital launches first 20TB hard drives

Western Digital has launched its first 20TB hard disk drives, one of which is available to home users.

Packing OptiNAND technology, the drives come equipped with an iNAND universal flash storage embedded drive for improved performance, reliability, and usable capacity.

The company offers two models, both of which come in a standard 3.5-inch form factor with traditional spinning disks running at 7,200rpm. The 20TB storage is made up of nine 2.2TB platters.

The Ultrastar DC HC560 variant is intended for hyperscale cloud datacentres, cloud service providers, enterprises or big smart video surveillance systems that require high-capacity NAS storage, while the WD Gold edition is for enterprises and end-users with heavy-duty workloads.

The drives feature Energy-Assisted Magnetic Recording, HelioSeal technology, and a triple-stage actuator.

Together these give the drives a projected mean time before failures rating of 2.5 million hours.

According to ZDNet, that makes them about 10 times more reliable than a standard desktop hard drive.

While local availability remains to be confirmed, the 20TB WD Gold sells for $679.99 (R10,557), excluding tax, in the US.

It is broadly compatible with most PC and major enterprise operating systems, including Windows, Windows Server, and Linux.

The pricing of the Ultrastar DC HC560 has not been detailed and will likely only be available for users in its target market.

For reference, the 18TB WD Ultrastar DC HC500 currently sells for R8,545 from PC Link Computers’ South African shop.

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