Telkom launches uncapped prepaid fibre — starting at R99 for 3 days

Telkom has launched a prepaid uncapped fibre service with 25Mbps upload and download speeds starting from R99 for three days’ access.

Those interested in the service must either buy a starter pack through Telkom or migrate from the provider’s post-paid fibre services.

The prepaid fibre vouchers are only available for Openserve’s fibre network and are limited to its 25Mbps service.

Telkom’s offering will compete with Vuma Reach, which also offers uncapped fibre on a prepaid month-to-month basis.

Telkom’s uncapped prepaid fibre vouchers are available from R99 for three days, R169 for seven days, and R499 for 30 days’ access.

The starter packs are available for R999 — if you wish to use your own router — and R1,499 if you require a router from Telkom.

Migrations are only available to those on post-paid fibre bundles subject to Telkom’s discretion and cost R0 but do not include a router or installation.

Those interested can follow these steps to sign up for the service:

  1. Visit the Telkom Portal and register for your starter pack.
  2. Make your payment on the portal.
  3. Expect your fibre installation within ten working days.
  4. Wait for an Openserve technician to contact you regarding set-up.
  5. If you’ve requested the starter pack that includes a router, it will be delivered to you via a courier service.

On successful completion of the starter pack order, the customer will receive an email notification containing a username and password with the Telkom Internet portal link to buy Telkom Internet top-up vouchers.

The duration of the vouchers will start within two hours after successful activation on the Telkom portal and end at 00:00 on the final day of the voucher period.

The customer will be notified one day before the voucher’s expiry, and the customer must then go to the Telkom portal to purchase another voucher.

For prepaid customers to not lose access to the fibre service, they must buy and redeem at least one top-up voucher per month.

If the customer fails to buy a top-up voucher within 30 days, Telkom will discontinue their access, requiring them to apply (and pay) for another starter pack.

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