The Guide for the Next Decade of Space Research Just Dropped

Who pays for the United States’ astronomy and astrophysics projects—our collective staring into the void, seeking cosmic answers? Well, we all do, via taxes, which the government decides how to divvy up via an annual appropriations budget. But how does NASA decide to use the funds it’s given—around $23 billion in 2021? For its scientific missions in space and on …

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Jeff Bezos’s Orbital Reef space station could replace the ISS

After more than two decades in orbit, NASA is preparing to retire the International Space Station. The habitable satellite only has permission to operate until 2024, and while it’s likely that the space station’s funding could be extended until 2028, NASA plans to decommission the ISS and find a replacement by the end of the decade. Cue Jeff Bezos. The …

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