Metaverse real estate is now being sold for cryptocurrency

The metaverse is getting hotter. Not hot, like a delicious meal or a Finnish sauna. This mostly fictional, virtual world is getting hot like a real estate market. Because lately, it is one. If you have enough money and courage, you can now buy up digital tracts of land in the metaverse. Of course, there isn’t just one metaverse. Much …

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Tesla Model 3 sold for R2.2 million

To call Elon Musk’s Tesla a success would be an understatement. In just over a decade, the Pretoria-born billionaire has pivoted the company to profitability and, what’s more, transformed the motoring industry. Not too long ago, the prospect of going electric would have doused the flames running through a petrolhead’s veins. No longer. Musk’s range of all-electric vehicles has made …

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A Deadly Microbe Mystery Leads to a Spray Sold at Walmart

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday confirmed that an aromatherapy gemstone spray sold at Walmart is linked to four mysterious bacterial infections in four different states. The infections left two dead, including a child. On Friday, the CDC announced a break in the months-long mystery: A bottle of aromatherapy room spray in the home of a Georgia …

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