South Africa’s social grant disaster explained in one graph

South Africa has a runaway number of grant recipients and social wage spending, which is unsustainable amidst slow economic growth and high unemployment. Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana highlighted the social grant problem in his 2021 medium-term budget policy statement. “Today, 27.8 million South Africans are social grant recipients. This accounts for about 46% of our population,” said Godongwana. “At the …

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How Social Media Can Give the Silent Generation a Voice

“I wouldn’t be able to live the life I now lead without the assistance of Zoom, Google Classroom, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams,” Epstein tells me on the phone, speaking from his home in Tamarindo. “My current students are all masters-level school teachers, seeking an additional masters in Instructional Technology. I use Zoom to observe and evaluate how well they incorporate …

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