The Post Office wants to deliver all small parcels — but can’t even keep the lights on

MyBroadband testing revealed that the SA Post Office, which wants a monopoly on all parcel deliveries under 1kg, cannot even effectively provide basic postal services. Post Office CEO Nomkhita Mona recently reiterated that, by law, they are the only institution allowed to deliver packages under 1 kilogram. Mona said legislators created this law to subsidise services that the Post Office …

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India’s New Rules for Map Data Betray Its Small Farmers 

The geospatial data regulations are part of a bigger picture. They’re the latest in a series of reforms—land reforms, proposed farm laws, amendments to the Forest Act, new drone regulations and land digitalization schemes—that are all positioned as being beneficial to individuals, but which make it easier for private corporations to enter these sectors.  In the past decade or so, …

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The 5 Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers (2021): For Large Homes and Small Budgets

The enormous Netgear Orbi range has a strong reputation, but the company’s many similar models make it tricky to choose the right one for you. The AX4200 RBK753 (I swear they’re just mashing the keyboard at this point) mesh system I tested falls somewhere in the middle of the range and proved suitable for a large home. Setup was surprisingly …

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