South Africans could pay R330 less per tank of petrol

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy recently increased South Africa’s fuel prices, hiking petrol by 75c per litre. This has driven the price of unleaded 93-octane petrol to R20.07 per litre, while unleaded 95-octane petrol sells for R20.29. While the increase was primarily driven by a weakened rand and climbing crude oil prices, South Africans also pay a substantial …

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How much petrol you really get when you pay for 1 litre

Testing by MyBroadband revealed that petrol stations provide customers with exactly the volume of fuel — or more — than what they pay for. Following the recent petrol and diesel price increases, we decided to test the accuracy of fuel pumps. To test the calibration accuracy of individual pumps, MyBroadband purchased one litre of petrol from different filling stations and …

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Legal threat over R20 petrol price in South Africa

The South African government must urgently deregulate petrol and diesel prices in South Africa, or it could face legal action. This is the call from labour union Solidarity, which has warned that the surging fuel price threatened economic growth and that current price controls were not benefitting motorists. The union has written letters to the finance and energy ministers in …

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