South Africans could pay R330 less per tank of petrol

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy recently increased South Africa’s fuel prices, hiking petrol by 75c per litre. This has driven the price of unleaded 93-octane petrol to R20.07 per litre, while unleaded 95-octane petrol sells for R20.29. While the increase was primarily driven by a weakened rand and climbing crude oil prices, South Africans also pay a substantial …

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Homechoice customers can shop now for Black Friday and pay next year!

Homechoice’s Black Friday starts early and qualifying customers only have to pay for their purchases next year in February 2022 – with no interest incurred during the intervening months. “We traditionally run a buy now, pay later promotion at this time of year to allow our qualifying account-holder customers to maximise their budgets and affordably shop for Christmas, with payments …

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How much petrol you really get when you pay for 1 litre

Testing by MyBroadband revealed that petrol stations provide customers with exactly the volume of fuel — or more — than what they pay for. Following the recent petrol and diesel price increases, we decided to test the accuracy of fuel pumps. To test the calibration accuracy of individual pumps, MyBroadband purchased one litre of petrol from different filling stations and …

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Pick n Pay reveals early Black Friday deals — R6,499 for a 50-inch 4K TV

Pick n Pay has launched its early online-only Black Friday deals, including discounts on TVs, laptops, and other electronics. The retailer said it will be offering more Black Friday deals on its on-demand Asap! delivery app this year. In 2020, the majority of its deals were hosted on its online shop. These were only available to customers based in Cape …

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Labor shortages in restaurants and hotels bring higher pay — but quitting continues

If there’s one thing many workers have learned from the pandemic, it’s that while money is a lot, it’s hardly everything. Employers in almost every industry say they’re struggling to find workers, but the situation is especially severe in the leisure and hospitality sector. While workers in these industries are getting paid more than ever, it still doesn’t seem like …

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