Telkom’s plan to fix BCX

Telkom Group CEO Sipho Maseko said the company is in talks to provide a boost to its struggling BCX business unit, reports the Sunday Times. BCX was the hardest hit of Telkom’s businesses over the most recent six-month business period, which it said has been in part due to companies reducing their investment in technologies as a result of the …

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12 Big Tech experts explain how to fix Facebook

Facebook is broken, and after a recent deluge of damning internal company leaks to the press and Congress, the world has unassailable proof of how troubled it really is. Almost 2 billion people around the world use a product owned by Meta (formerly called Facebook), including WhatsApp and Instagram, every day. For many of its users, the nearly $1 trillion …

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6 Ways to Fix Your Recruitment Problem

Pity your HR team. Covid has sparked a wave of resignations, would-be replacements are demanding to work from home with better benefits, and recruitment processes are looking pretty broken. Broken how? Research suggests a third of new hires in the US quit within their first year. A report from recruitment firm Thomas shows that half of new hires don’t work …

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