World not ready for electric vehicles — Toyota

Toyota did not sign this week’s pledge to phase out petrol and diesel power cars by 2040, as the company believes that large parts of the world are not ready for electric vehicles, Reuters reported. The world’s largest car manufacturer was not alone in its decision, with Volkswagen and several car markets in the US, China, and Germany also declining …

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Rivian IPO: Amazon’s favorite electric car company is now worth more than Ford or GM

Rivian went public on Wednesday, marking the largest IPO in the United States since 2014. The electric pickup and SUV manufacturer priced its stock at $78 a share and raised about $12 billion, which the company plans to spend on boosting production and designing more vehicle models. While that price set Rivian’s valuation at around $70 billion, the carmaker’s market …

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Cars Are Going Electric. What Happens to the Used Batteries? 

Hans Eric Melin, the founder of Circular Energy Storage, a consultancy that focuses on battery life-cycle management, agrees. Time will solve multiple problems. As more batteries die, the economies of scale will drive down costs. Another key, Melin says, is locating battery makers and battery recyclers closer to each other. He notes that the most highly developed battery recycling industry …

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