Smartphone battery beasts that will last through the worst load-shedding

Smartphone buyers looking for a device with a large battery that could last for multiple rounds of load-shedding will find many options available. Load-shedding has been at its worst yet in 2020 and 2021, and Eskom’s 12-month outlook paints a grim picture for the near future. The utility’s ageing trip-prone power plants are struggling under rising demand, and significant additional …

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To Make an Eco-Friendly EV Battery, Think From the Inside Out

The premium for pure cathode material is expected to widen as battery makers switch to designs using cheaper raw materials. Among them are LFP batteries, which contain lithium, iron, and phosphorus in the cathode, and forgo pricey metals like nickel and cobalt. Kyburz has long used LFP batteries for its vehicles, and bigger manufacturers including Tesla are now following suit. …

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