T-Pain strikes partnership with Twitch for series of exclusive collaborations and events

Amazon-owned livestreaming platform Twitch’s latest move in music is a partnership with hip-hop producer T-Pain.

The partnership will feature exclusive content and community programs around the release of T-Pain’s upcoming single I’m Cool With That.

T-Pain’s partnership follows last month’s news that Warner Music Group (WMG) and Twitch have struck what the two companies call a “first-of-its-kind” partnership, marking the platform’s first partnership with a major label major record company.

Twitch also struck a deal with the National Music Publishers Association, last month.

An exclusive listening party for I’m Cool With That will take place on T-Pain’s Twitch channel at 8pm EST on October, 28.

I’m Cool With That was produced ‘in collaboration with the Twitch community’, says the company, and will feature on the Powered By T-Pain Soundtrack by Twitch playlist.

T-Pain will also solicit and review beats from community producers for monthly Post Ya Song and Post Ya Beat sessions.

The artist joined Twitch six years ago, and has since built a community of 764,000 followers.

The producer also recently joined the advisory board at music licensing platform Slip.Stream, which raised $3.25 million in an initial funding round in June.

Twitch says the partnership with T-Pain will “further strengthen Twitch music”, and “show industry heads and underdogs alike that anyone can build community, monetize, and maintain control over their work.”

“This partnership means that I have been seen.”


In announcing the partnership, T-Pain said: “This partnership means that I have been seen.

“With so little representation on the service previously, the fact that Twitch came to me means that they actually see our community and understand the value of our contribution to the streaming world.

“We’ve been hosting beat battles and collaborative sessions for years…I’m Cool With That is a combination of some of those efforts.

“And was the first song created and released with my community and I hope this is just the start of a journey Twitch and I are about to go on to uplift, and strengthen the music community on Twitch.”

“Twitch has always been a creator-centric service.”

Tracy Chan, Twitch

Tracy Chan, Twitch VP and Head of Music, said: “Twitch has always been a creator-centric service, and we are consistently pioneering new ways in which musicians can live off their art.

“T-Pain is a shining example of a Twitch creator who is leveraging his community to curate his sound and give back – and he is inspiring other creators of all levels to do the same.”

Here, T Pain tells MBW about his partnership with Twitch…

How and why did you first get started on Twitch?

I wanted to be able to game and talk crap about people without feeling crazy because people were not in the room.

I organically grew my fanbase because I didn’t care if there were two people or 2,000 people watching.

I didn’t look for a fanbase because, they came because they knew I wasn’t looking for them.

Why have you partnered with Twitch?

Because I have been with Twitch since the beginning of my gaming adventure. It would feel weird to go anywhere else, and they treat me so fine.

what opportunities are out there for musicians and producers on Twitch?

Anything you can put your mind to as long as you are entertaining and as long as you treat your community with respect you can do anything you want.

is Twitch filling a void that’s missing in the typical music industry structures?

Not necessary. We’ve had things like Twitch before but the way that Twitch integrated connectivity with visibility.

That’s what gets you. That’s what rounds it off.

We’ve had things like YouStream and Periscope where people can watch [artists] all the time live anywhere but it’s about the integration of audience and creators that Twitch has.Music Business Worldwide

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