Major updates to Google apps on iOS

Google has announced a trio of updates to its iOS apps and widgets, which the company says will help improve productivity for iOS users.

The updates include changes to Google Sheets, Google Meet, and most notably, the addition of a Gmail widget similar to that currently available on Android.

The new Gmail widget will show the user’s inbox with the three most recent emails, noting the sender and subject of each.

According to 9to5Google, a Gmail widget was previously available on iOS, but Google had removed it over the past year.

The Alphabet Inc-owned company has also introduced picture-in-picture to Google Meet in iOS, meaning that iOS users can still participate in meetings while multitasking on their devices.

“Simply navigate out of the Google Meet app, and your meeting will be minimised in a window that you can move around your Home Screen,” Google said.

The update will also introduce support for shortcuts to Google Sheets on iOS devices, which will allow users to quickly perform several tasks, including “selecting a whole row or finding and replacing certain values”.

Google says the iOS updates for its productivity apps will be available in the “next few weeks”.

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