Keeping your children safe while you drive

Whether our kids are in the car for a quick school run or during long, holiday drives, life is all about cherishing the happy moments.

Simple safety measures can help keep your child safe while travelling and ensure many more happy adventures to come.

It is saddening to think about the statistics around road accidents and children, because even one child getting hurt or dying is too many.

As a caregiver, guardian or parent, the safety of our children remains top priority, so let’s look at ways we can prevent children becoming a statistic of road traffic injuries.

Three easy ways drivers can be proactive in caring for children in the car

  1. Make sure your children are buckled up in safe, age-appropriate and correctly installed car seats before you hit the road and even when you’re travelling a short distance.
  2. Avoid distractions like eating, using your cellphone and playing music loudly while driving. However, softer, relaxed music helps to keep the children safely entertained while in the vehicle (get used to nursery rhymes on repeat if you have younger ones).
  3. Finally, ensure your car is in good driving condition with regular check-ups and annual servicing.

Discovery Insure is proud to partner with Wheel Well to keep children safe

The World Health Organization’s guidance on avoiding road traffic injuries is that correctly installed and used child restraints can improve safety for infants by about 70%, and for young children by up to 80%.

CEO of Discovery Insure, Anton Ossip says: “Discovery Insure’s ongoing focus is on making South Africa’s roads safer, which is aligned with Discovery’s core purpose of making people healthier and enhancing and protecting their lives Putting the safety of children first, we have partnered with Wheel Well, a non-government organisation which, through its Car Seats for Kids campaign, provides car seats to families who cannot afford them.”

If you have a car seat to spare or one your child has outgrown, consider donating it to Wheel Well to help another child in need stay safe on the road.

Donate your pre-loved car seat by dropping it off at Wheel Well or at a Discovery Store in your area. You can also show your support by making a cash donation to Wheel Well’s newly launched Charidy initiative.

“Road traffic injuries among children can be drastically reduced with appropriate child restraints.

We are proud to join forces with Wheel Well to continue our efforts to educate society to the harsh reality of the effects of motor vehicle accidents on children and families,” concludes Ossip.

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