iOS 15.2 beta can censor nudity in Messages app

Apple released its iOS 15.2 beta earlier this week, adding its “Communication Safety” feature to messages.

MacRumors reported that the feature aims to protect children from sexually explicit materials sent or received through the messages app.

The messages app will automatically blur images in which it detects nudity and warn the user of the content.

“Communication safety” is an opt-in component of Family Sharing, meaning it is not enabled as a default.

When “Communication Safety” was initially announced, Apple indicated that it would provide an option to notify a parent if their child had viewed a nude image in the messages app.

Apple did not implement this component of “Communication Safety” as it could pose a risk to children in households subject to parental violence or abuse.

Instead, Apple will offer guidance to all children — including those under the age of 13 — on getting assistance from an adult they trust.

The scanning of images is done on the device not to compromise the end-to-end encryption of messages.

It is important to note that “Communication Safety” is separate from the controversial anti-child sexual abuse material feature that Apple plans to implement in a future iOS build.

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