Early Black Friday deliveries tested — excellent results, but we are still waiting for one package

Real-world testing by MyBroadband revealed that Takealot and Makro had the best delivery speeds, while OneDayOnly was the worst.

Many retailers have launched early Black Friday deals with price cuts on a wide range of products, including gadgets and computing products.

Black Friday typically means much higher volumes for online shops, and MyBroadband decided to test the delivery times of prominent online retailers.

MyBroadband ordered products from Takealot, Everyshop, Game, Makro, and OneDayOnly in the second week of November.

Each of these shops has its own version of specials running up to Black Friday on 26 November.

Everyshop is running Low’vember deals, Game has Black November, Makro has Black Friday Extended, Takealot has a Blue Dot Countdown sale, and OneDayOnly runs daily specials.

An item on special was ordered from each of these stores in the afternoon on Wednesday 10 November.

The first package to arrive was from Makro, the day after placing the order. This was unexpected, as the estimated time of delivery on their site was 3 to 7 working days.

Takealot, which is well known for its excellent shipping, was second. The package arrived at our office around 10:00 on Friday.

The order from Game was as much of a surprise as the one from Makro. They promised to deliver all orders within 10 working days, but our order arrived after only 2 days.

Everyshop delivered the following Monday, even though the tracking showed the shipment at the closest courier facility by early morning on Friday. The parcel arrived just after 1 pm.

By the time of writing, we were still waiting for the OneDayOnly order, which is set to be delivered between 5 and 10 working days.

The table below provides an overview of the delivery times from the stores included in this test.

Black Friday Deliveries
Shop Advertised delivery Actual delivery
Makro 3-7  working days 1 day, 2 hours
Takealot 2-5  working days 1 day, 22 hours
Game 10 working days 2 days, 0 hours
Everyshop 3-6 working days 5 days, 1 hour
OneDayOnly 5-10 working days Not delivered by the time of publication

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